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How to design, build and deliver within 12 months a new radio and multi-channel television complex with broadcast facilities, IT and telephone networks, all while ensuring guaranteed performance in terms of functionality, reliability, long life and preparedness for future evolution ?


The ONRTVOffice National de Radio et Télévision du Tchad published a tender for the turnkey supply of a new broadcast centre including a FM radio station and several HD television channels with terrestrial and satellite broadcasting capabilities.

The mandatory delivery time for the entire system was specified as 12 MONTHS.


Several basic principles were set and a variety of technical solutions were chosen to meet the expectations and specific needs of the customer. One of the cornerstone choices was the adoption of a fully tapeless infrastructure with total dematerialization of content and high security for all media, use of a fibre optic infrastructure for both the office computer system and video IT networks, and several levels of backup and redundancy to ensure continuous on air operation.

The second priority was the choice of IT-based technical solutions relying upon a well proven News production, post-production and graphics system with RAID-6 archiving, centralized core operating systems with remote workstations, complete and secure separation of the production and transmission entities,
LED-based studio lighting, video distribution via IP, operational simplicity by reducing the number of patch panels and high reliability with several levels of redundancy. To crown the mission, the project required chartering an
Antonov AN-225, the world's largest cargo aircraft, to deliver the system on site !


As of today, the project is well underway and the ONRTV is entirely confident in VIDELIO – Preview's expertise and the company's capabilities in management, design, construction and deployment of projects of such magnitude. End of the story in a few months with our customer…


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