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How to optimize the digitizing of multimedia content (audiovisual contents, radio programmes, audio…) ?


From its creation, the INA gathers radio and audiovisual archives produced by radio and television stations but also content coming from private libraries.

The INA digitizes these essentially analog contents to protect them from degradation and to make them available to a wide range of users.

By 2015, the INA will have achieved the task of digitizing its entire archives which were menaced by final degradation, a total of some 835.000 hours of audiovisual programmes. The digital conversion of archive material must be done with great care in a high quality format in order to ensure long life and the preservation for posterity of irreplaceable A/V assets for which the INA is responsible. The format must also be convenient to satisfy the needs of the INA customers.

The goal is to install a new technical workflow allowing to satisfy a wide variety of requests and new uses for content (from the Internet to HD, Video On Demand,…).


VIDELIO - Preview set up a team capable of managing the project from design through installation and operation.

The teams thus implemented an archive digitizing solution using the JPEG 2000 format and a delivery system for the INA's clients embodying innovative technologies as well as a complete and modular Media Management solution.


The INA benefitted by the permanent and active presence of a VIDELIO - Preview project team which allowed strong interaction with the INA project staff.

VIDELIO - Preview has therefore been able to guide the INA in its migration towards new technologies developed around the JPEG 2000 standard and has deployed a team of engineers specialized in the automation of video digitizing processes and compression technologies (JPEG 2000, DV, MPEG2, H264,…).

To summarize, the INA has profited by a complete turnkey system, unparalleled experience in the field of image processing and expertise in state of the art technologies.  


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