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How to optimize the furnishings of an HD OB van for a television network ?


France Télévisions wanted to add to its fleet two high end mobile production units, the "CHALLENGERS" whose assignment is the live shooting and production of all types of cultural showings, sports or events with the latest tools at the state of the art.

In addition to the traditional design constraints induced by the complexity of mobile video production tools and the specific missions assigned to these units (size, weight, maneuverability, ergonomics and design, technical specifications and safety, cutting edge technology, etc…), the vehicles were under the obligation to comply with the triple requirement of providing multiple programme outputs, to allow several operating configurations and modular ergonomics to accomodate up to 30 staff in various seating assignments !


France Télévisions called upon the services of the VIDELIO – Preview teams specialized in the design of mobile infrastructures, systems engineering and integration of broadcast/IT solutions to take charge of the design and construction of these two OB vans.

The "CHALLENGERS" were a true challenge ! Both from a technical and ergonomic design standpointThey can accomodate up to 32 work positions in a 32 ton vehicleThey are designed for live production in full 3G HD-SDI with AES Dolby 5.1 audio and multi-programme outputsA wide variety of production needs can be covered such as sports, events, concerts, arts and culture shows.

On board equipment features :

  • One main video production desk and a secondary desk which can be configured either as a second production station or dedicated to channel branding or for post-production needs.
  • One main audio control desk with 5.1 surround sound, NR30 level soundproofing and a position for a musical advisorA second mobile audio desk can be installed between the main audio control room and the second video desk.
  • The technical equipment area has 6 work positions, 5 of which can be configured for various tasks.
  • 14 work positions can all be configured according to needs: slow-motion, graphics, production coordination and/or VIP guest presence.
  • Of the 32 work positions offered by each mobile unit, 20 can be configured as needed.

The two "Challenger" OB vans built for France Télévisions are the latest showcases of VIDELIO – Preview's undisputable know-how in designing and building high-end mobile units for programme production and covering live events.


France Télévisions has benefited from highly skilled expertise for these two High Definition mobile units.

Having at their disposal in the fleet two such units gives France Télévisions the possibility to fully satisfy the various requirements of their customersCompactness, modularity, ergonomics, design, ease of operation, flexible configuration, reliability, state of the art technology on board… a true cocktail of innovation !

More specifically, after final integration and acceptance tests of the vehicles, the France Télévisions teams benefited by specialized training on the use and daily operation of each component of the system, ensuring smooth and complete progress until the beginning of "On-Air"operations



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