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For the last 20 years, VIDELIO - Preview has been designing, building, integrating and maintaining fixed television systems and mobile broadcast vehicles (outside broadcast, production vans, DSNG vehicles). Today, VIDELIO - Preview brings its experience to all broadcasters, cable operators, private media production companies, corporate facilities, in the french and international markets. VIDELIO - Preview assists its customers in all aspects of A/V media content creation, management and distribution, with complete control over the workflow process of its clients digital media.

Building upon the unique expertise acquired in the field of system integration (SI) and worldwide recognition as a result, VIDELIO - Preview has added a new IT division which is a logical development to follow the current evolution of technologies, bring a better service to its customers, and offer them the best innovative, durable and secure A/V solutions to produce, manage, index, broadcast, archive and profit by their media assets.

VIDELIO - Preview is a full-capability video engineering company, now mainly orientated towards media contents. Its field of action is international :
Saudi Arabia (FGC), Qatar (GBT) Tunisia (ERTT), Morocco (TV2M), Algeria (ENTV), Nigeria, Tchad (ONRTV), Sudan (Sudan TV), Benin (AFNEX), Spain (VTV), Luxemburg (CNA, BCE), Belgium (European Parliament, RTBF, RTL TVI, BELGACOM), Turkmenistan (BOUYGUES), Kazakstan…. All over the world VIDELIO - Preview accompanies its clients during the entire life cycle of their project, starting with design, then construction and integration, through to "On Air" Operation, for any professional media system.

 Services offered

The VIDELIO - Preview services proposed are centered around 3 main domains. The first one is Live Shooting-Production, the second is Ingest-Management of content, the third, Publication- Broadcast. In each domain, VIDELIO - Preview makes recommendations and proposes a turnkey system made up of three components: ENGINEERING, SYSTEMS and SERVICES.


Whatever the project, the VIDELIO - Preview teams design a completely personalized system and take into consideration all the network parameters to create innovative and complete video solutions with the capacity to evolve. Advice, analysis and audits, writing the specifications, cost calculation, architecture design, supervision of the project… the expertise of the VIDELIO – Preview staff ensures complete control of the technical solution to be integrated.


The VIDELIO - Preview experts are in charge of the deployment, installation and initial operation of the systems conceived by the design bureau, anywhere in the world. Having complete control over the project give the customer complete confidence in the achievement of the system, within specifications and on time


For continued daily assistance to its customers and even beyond, VIDELIO - Previews offers a palet of associated services : counseling, training, hotline help, maintenance, detached staff, concierge services…

 Added value

Video remains the most efficient communication channel between a corporation and its customers, therefore all companies have a need today to produce, manage and distribute their audiovisual contents (shoot, manage, share, enhance value, publish and archive).

Building upon the motto "competence and freedom", capitalizing on three-dimensional offerings in Engineering, Systems and Services, using to the fullest the wide area of knowledge of our staff and partnerships with major suppliers, VIDELIO – Preview ensures a complete success in the accomplishment of all its missions.

VIDELIO - Preview's status as a subsidiary of the VIDELIO gives its customers opportunities to access the many synergies within the Group and benefit from the very wide array of know-hows the VIDELIO has to offer through its teams at :

  • VIDELIO - Qualtech, for the maintenance of equipment and systems, Hotline services and all types of support contracts for IT installations.
  • VIDELIO - Cap' Ciné, for the supply of any type of equipment and Post-Production services.
  • VIDELIO - Events + UTRAM, for any A/V needs concerning events, live production, display, projection, (video, sound, lighting, broadcast). 
  • VIDELIO - IEC, for any type of audiovisual integration needs for the institutional or corporate markets (videoconference systems, large size projection, sound systems, automation. All expertise available including Engineering, Systems and Services).
  • VIDELIO - HMS, for all audiovisual integration needs onboard cruise ships
  • G2J, the "Video Concierge" service specialist in the VIDELIO Group
  • Intelware, the added-value wholesale arm of the Group

 Once upon a time

1989-2014, a little history


VIDELIO - Preview was created in 1995 with the goal to design, build and integrate fixed or mobile turnkey professional systems for the largest french and international television networks as well as for all independent service providers in the field of digital media. Over the years, VIDELIO - Preview has earned a flawless company image with some of the best-known names in professional television.

In the year 2000, development of the export markets led the VIDELIO - Preview teams to operate in Belgium, Luxemburg, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Nigeria, Gabon,…

In 2008, VIDELIO - Preview joined the IEC Group (now renamed VIDELIO) and new skills are added to the know hows of its teams with the development of an IT division in complement to the original system integration (SI) activity.


 The team

With staff delegated to a specific project as well as in system integration, the VIDELIO - Preview teams take charge of design, building and integration of all the projects. Global infrastructure architecture, engineering and workflow, project supervision and management, design bureau, construction workshops, integration, testing and initial operation, training, maintenance and support… We have the best experts in each field.

 A few figures



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